What is a Thermogenic?

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What is a Thermogenic?

Typically referred to as fat burners, you’ve probably already tried a thermogenic without even knowing it. The term ‘thermogenic’ means to produce heat. This means that thermogenic supplements increase the internal body temperature in order to increase metabolism and assist in calorie processing. For what exactly? Weight loss! Thermogenic supplements can support you in your weight loss journey and in combination with exercise and a balanced diet, can be extremely effective.  

What do they do exactly and how can you utilise them in your fitness regime? Let’s take a deep dive into how thermogenic’s can benefit you.  

What are Thermogenics and How do They Work? 

In the process of metabolism and the burning of calories, our bodies internal temperature rises. This is why when we exercise, we become slightly warmer, as this energy is being turned into heat, which will then help our bodies burn calories. 

This is why it is believed that if we help our bodies produce heat, these processes will happen quicker! 

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A classic example of a natural thermogenic is our age-old friend, caffeine. This is a stimulant substance that triggers the release of adrenaline, which will ultimately help increase your metabolism. If you’re used to having a cup of coffee every morning, you probably won’t get the same fat burning effects as someone that rarely consumes coffee.  

The body becomes accustomed to certain substances, and you’ll eventually build a tolerance. So, if you’re using caffeine for its fat burning effects, try cycling it so your body doesn’t get use to the caffeine hit every day. If fat loss is your goal, thermogenics can certainly help when combined with exercise and a healthy lifestyle. 

Effects of Thermogenic Supplements 

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When you introduce high-quality thermogenic supplements into your life, you can certainly expect to see their effects. Many pre-workouts include caffeine, which as we know, is a thermogenic.

So, you’ve probably already felt the effects without intentionally seeking them. 

Depending on your tolerance or lack thereof, you might get an increased feeling of stress and anxiety after you consume a stimulant thermogenic. However, this won’t last long and over time you will feel your mind and body adapt to the thermogenic. On the plus side, this can also help give you the buzz you need to smash a killer workout. If thermogenic ingredients are within your pre-workouts, you'll find that you build up a bit more sweat than usual as your body is helping you burn those stubborn calories. 

Are They Safe? Will They Cause Muscle Loss? 

When taken as directed, thermogenics are safe. They can assist in your weight loss journey and could be a great addition into your workout regime.

Thermogenics are designed to help you burn calories quicker, so if you’re not fuelling your body with the appropriate calories, you might unintentionally loss muscle.

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This can be easily combatted with nutrition and making sure you get in your protein. Creating lean muscle is a common goal and this is a great way to achieve that.  

Top Thermogenics 

If you’re looking to find a thermogenic that will suit your training regime, here is 5 amazing options: 

These thermogenics all have amazing formulas that could help you achieve the body composition goals you want. Each of these products have different ingredients, so you have multiple options to choose from and you’ll certainly find one that fits perfectly with your lifestyle! Incorporating thermogenics is a simple and effective way to help support your weight loss journey. With the combination of appropriate nutrition and exercise, you’ll be sure to see results in no time.  

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