What are Pure Supplements?

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What are Pure Supplements?

You might be a competitive athlete, shredding for summer or you’re simply looking to improve your workout stack to enhance your peak performance. Have you ever considered pure, targeted products? For most of us, we don’t necessarily want to think about each ingredient in our supplements, we want a ‘jack of all trades’ product that ticks all the boxes. But, if you’re looking for a targeted approach where you have total control over how much and what exactly you consume, then it might be time to consider a pure range such as the Pure Series from Genetix.

Joel Chandler, New Product Development Manager at Nutrition Warehouse, explains the benefits of this approach: “Singular or Pure ingredients allows the user to have more control over their supplement protocol. It enables the person to configure personalised dosages suitable to their goals. As most supplements are blends of several ingredients, Pure Supplements means “not mixed or altered with other substances.” So, adding a pure supplement to your current stack can allow for more efficacious dosing, giving you precisely what you want out of the product.”

Whether you’re looking to improve strength and aid recovery with Creatine, improve blood flow with L-Citrulline or assist with fat loss by adding Acetyl L-Carnitine to your stack, you’ll notice the difference in your performance and results when you choose a pure and raw supplement over a blended one.

Top 3 Pure Supplements:


Creatine – Perhaps the most well-known and researched supplement, Creatine works to improve health and athletic function in many ways. The best known of course is building muscle which it does by boosting your ability to workout for longer and at a higher intensity.

Creatine also helps aid in muscle recovery and prevent soreness plus it reduces muscle breakdown, so you’ll be on your way to a fitter, buffer you in no time at all. The best part is that the benefits of Creatine apply to avid gym goers, athletes and someone just starting out on their fitness journey.


Acetyl L-Carnitine – If you’re looking to lose weight and support your brain function at the same time, this nootropic supplement is a real gem. ALCAR boosts your physical and mental energy levels, improves cognitive function, lowers inflammation, and increases mental focus.

While ALCAR has been used in the bodybuilding community for years, there’s real science to support claims that it can burn fat and help speed up recovery. The bottom line, ALCAR is a great addition to your daily supplement routine!


L-Citrulline – This clever amino acid was first found in watermelon and while your body can produce some of it on its own, adding a pure L-Citrulline supplement means raising the levels in your body, so its effectiveness is heightened.

L-Citrulline boosts nitric oxide production in your body which helps your arteries widen and therefore improve blood flow in your body. It may help lower blood pressure and increase oxygen content in your muscles, allowing you to increase your performance and endurance.

If you’re looking to harness the power of pure supplements and boost your performance, take a look at the Genetix Pure Series for details on the range here: https://www.genetix.com.au/collections/pure-series 

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