Top 4 Supplements to Take After HIIT

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Top 4 Supplements to Take After HIIT

After a heart-pounding HIIT session, there's nothing better than refuelling your body with the right foods and supplements. Have you ever wondered what you should be eating after a HIIT session? Or should you have a supplement instead? Here are my top 4 supplements and foods after a hard HIIT workout. 

Supplements to Take After HIIT

Let's be honest here. Sometimes you will not have enough time to cook a meal after a session. So why not add the right supplement to your shaker or smoothie to give you all the benefits you need to replenish your body? Here's a list of 4 supplements that are a must after a brutal HIIT workout!

Protein Powder

Protein is essential to help your body recover after a workout, whether it's a HIIT, yoga or lifting weights. Protein powders will provide you with everything you need, including protein, essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. There is an extensive range of protein powders available whether you are vegan, dairy, or lactose-free, you can certainly find the right protein supplement for your needs. Shop now for Balance Protein Powders!


Like leafy greens, green powders are packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Green powders will provide you with everything you need to replenish your body after a hard session. You may be thinking, why to add a powder if I can eat green. Oh well, green powders are easy and convenient, especially if you are running late for work or school. You will get the greens you need in just one scoop. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Check out our range of greens. 


This powerful powder is a must for every single person that trains or not! Glutamine plays a unique role in the intestine health as well as the immune system. This important amino acid helps to reduce fatigue and muscle soreness after exercise. Glutamine has no taste, so you can easily drink it by itself or incorporate it in a smoothie or shaker after a HIIT session. Click here to buy Balance Glutamine 1000.


A branched-chain amino acids supplement is a great drink to take during or after a hard HIIT session. Some of the benefits of this powerful supplement include a decrease of muscle soreness after a workout, an increase in muscle growth, reduce exercise fatigue, and prevent muscle wasting. Shop now for BCAAs by Balance!

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Foods to Have After HIIT

If you do have the time to cook, don't worry; I have a list of foods you should eat after your HIIT workout.


This powerhouse food is full of everything you need, high protein (7g per egg) and fats (5g preserving), plus eggs have all nine essential amino acids, which is crucial for muscle recovery! Eggs also have B vitamins which are great for energy production, especially after a hard session.

Leafy greens

A must after every workout, no matter how hard you go! Greens are full of vitamins, minerals and fibre, plus they are super low carb. Leafy greens are also high in antioxidants, which can help minimise free radicals released in the body during a HIIT workout.


Probably one of my favourite foods! Avocados are rich in magnesium, which is excellent for muscle recovery. They are also packed full of folate, vitamins C, K and B, which are nutrients that help to reduce inflammation in the body, especially after HIIT recovery fruit to be added to your post-workout meal!


This tiny little berry is packed with the goods including vitamins, fibre, protein, and antioxidants. Blueberries have also been linked to helping accelerate muscle recovery time. So why not add some blueberries to your post-workout meal if it will help you to recover faster?


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