Start Your Year Strong: 5 Best-Selling Supplements

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Start Your Year Strong: 5 Best-Selling Supplements

Start your strongest year yet, with these popular sports supplements. Training at your best, sleeping well and eating healthily will be the main driving forces to achieving your fitness dreams - but when you're looking for an extra boost, these smart supplements will be by your side. 

1. Pre-Workouts:

Pre-workouts are top sellers that rev you up with a variety of performance-supporting stimulants - just what you need to smash some records at the gym! 

A quality pre-workout will also contain blood flow assisting ingredients that will help you gain that envious muscle pump, and help your overall training execution.

Whether you're looking to get stronger, improve your body composition, get faster or upgrade your endurance capability, a pre-workout can be your ultimate ally for next-level gains.



Smashing your personal bests requires a new and improved version of you. With a popular pre-workout like ABE (All Black Everything) by Applied Nutrition, you'll have a supplement that helps you surpass key performance indicators:  energy, drive, motivation, cognitive focus and physical power.

Some popular performance ingredients to look out for in your pre-workout:

  1. Beta-alanine
  2. Caffeine
  3. Creatine
  4. L-citrulline malate

Pre-workouts can pack a poweful punch - exactly what you need to reach those last few reps that determine a new level of strength and lean muscle!

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2. Fat Burners:

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Fat burners are often used as pre-workouts, though they contain different ingredients. Like pre-workouts, most fat burners contain stimulants to help take your performance to the next level.

On top of that, they are also designed to help calorie processing in the body and support mental focus while you're dieting.

Fat burners don't contain any 'muscle pump' ingredients like pre-workouts do. 

Fat burners are designed to help you burn more calories - not by magic, but by the fact that they help you train harder and for longer. When you increase your training efforts, you can help facilitate a calorie deficit which will result in weight loss. When your activity output for the day is more than the amount of calories you're having, you're priming yourself for fat loss success. 

Another key factor of fat loss is appetite management. Fat burners like Oxyshred by EHP Labs contain ingredients that can help you go for longer without feeling too hungry. If you train in a fasted state or simply need to go for a long time without food, you'll have plenty of energy whilst keeping snack urges at bay. When you manage your appetite, following a weight loss plan becomes simpler.

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3. Protein:

If you have to choose just one supplement from this list, make it a quality protein powder.

Use your protein to:

  • Build muscle
  • Help prevent muscle loss when dieting
  • Manage your snack urges
  • Reach your protein intake goal where dietary sources are inadequate
  • Have a quick and easy way to consume protein during your busy day
  • Improve your long-term exercise results


If you're looking to gain strength, increase your performance and improve your body composition, having enough protein in your diet is critical. 

Help your body recover from your gruelling exercise sessions and promote lean muscle growth with a premium sustained protein like 100% Lean Whey by Genetix Nutrition!

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4. Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)'s:

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When you go to the gym, you'll notice people sipping on coloured drinks - it's probably a BCAA! The perfect intra-workout supplement, BCAAs supply you with three essential amino acids: threonine, isoleucine, and valine. Your hard-working muscles need these amino acids for muscle growth and to help stave off muscle loss when dieting. 

If you're training to be your strongest self, you need the supplements that will help you go the distance with your training. BCAAs can assist you with decreasing fatigue while you train, and be a tool to help manage post-exercise muscle soreness

In this way, you'll have extra support to help you recover and come back stronger. 

BCAA supplements like Essential Amino Energy by Optimum Nutrition are a popular staple in gym goers' bags. With a wide variety of flavours, they'll help you up your water intake too!

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5. Creatine:

If you're looking for a highly researched sports supplement, creatine is it!

Athletes, bodybuilders and fitness afficionados have creatine in their supplement regime when looking to get the edge on overall performance, strength and power. 

If getting strong and building muscle is your goal this year, save a spot for creatine in your supplement stack.

By incorporating a pure creatine product like 100% Pure Creatine by Genetix Nutrition, you'll be providing your muscles with a natural boost.



Creatine can be sourced through your diet (through animal products), however, you won't be able to find creatine in the concentration that you can find in a supplement. you will not find creatine in the dosages and concentration that you can find in a supplement. Combine with your tailored diet and exercise program to see the best results.

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