NW Picks: Our May 2019 Favourites

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NW Picks: Our May 2019 Favourites

We have asked the Nutrition Warehouse team what's their favourite supplement, apparel and vitamins. And our NW team has delivered. Here are some of our picks for the month of May.

Neuro Code by Genetix Nutrition

Recommended by Harris Tihak | WA/NT Area Performance Coach

Neuro Code by Genetix


If you absolutely love brain-hacking, then Neurocode by Genetix Nutrition is heading in your direction! The product aims to increase cognition and focus using a blend of nutrients and herbs in a well-balanced formula. The winning aspect is the non-existent 'crash' and clean energy feel you get, which lasts almost all day without the need for any further stimulants.

Each serving delivers 10mg of vitamin B6, 1mg of Vitamin B12, 5mg of Zinc and 1.38g of Nootropic blend. The Nootropic blend aims to enhance mental clarity and capacity giving you better memory, concentration, focus, attention, alertness and mood.

Single-Tail Lifting Straps by Vantage Strength

Recommended by Harris Tihak | WA/NT Area Performance Coach

Single Tail Straps by Vantage


When it comes to lifting apparel, quality accessories are a must. The single-tail lifting straps by Vantage Strength don't disappoint, whether it's barbell rows or walking lunges these always work a treat. Better yet - they last for ages!

You will be able to maximise your effort when lifting heavy. Single-tail lifting straps are made from 100% cotton with neoprene padding. One size fits all.

Available in 3 different colours, pick yours today!

Classic T-Shirt by Nutrition Warehouse Training Apparel

Recommended by Dominique Hathaway | People & Culture Co-Ordinator

Classic T-Shirt by Nutrition Warehouse Training Apparel


The Nutrition Warehouse Classic Tee is designed to fit comfortably. This T-shirt is perfect for training as it's breathable and moulds to suit any physique. You can also use it while at home or on the go.

It’s designed and printed in Australia using CB Clothing designs. The Classic T-shirt is made with 100% cotton using high-quality prints. It features a design to fit the arms with a comfortable fit around the torso. It comes in different colours so you can stock up with one of each.

You can train in your Nutrition Warehouse Classic Tee knowing it washes well as it is durable and pre-shrunk for a perfect fit every time you wear. Stock up today!

R1 Protein WPI by Rule1 Proteins

Recommended by Mick Lee | Buying assistant

R1 Protein WPI by Rule 1 Proteins


When it comes to a protein powder that is high quality and taste great R1 Protein WPI by Rule1 Proteins is the product! This product has a combination of premium quality ingredients, and it has literally ZERO filters.

Each serving will give you 25g of protein, 6g of BCAAs, 1g of carbohydrates, zero sugar and fat. Improve your physique and performance with R1 Protein WPI.

This product is excellent as a post workout meal for muscle recovery or to be used daily to enhance protein intake.


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