NW Picks: Our 2022 Birthday Sale Supps

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NW Picks: Our 2022 Birthday Sale Supps

We’re going to party like it’s our birthday because this year, Nutrition Warehouse is turning 14! We are celebrating BIG with a whopping 20% off your favourite supps. Running from 27-29 May, this Birthday Sale is bigger and better than ever before with 2 e-scooters plus accessories up for grabs. Get ready to shop till you drop with our staff recommended picks below and grab yourself a bargain during our biggest sale of the year.

R1 Protein WPI

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Rule 1 Protein WPI: Take your physique and performance to a whole new level with R1 Protein WPI. Packed with 25 grams of protein and zero fat, sugar, gluten and gums, you’ll love this protein blend. Perfect to be consumed post-workout to support muscle recovery or daily to enhance your protein intake for optimal performance.

  • 25g Protein
  • 100% of protein from whey isolates & hydrolysates
  • 0g Fat & 1g Carb
  • Clean and high yielding protein powder

Dragon's Breath Black by Red Dragon

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Red Dragon Nutritionals Dragon's Breath Black: Motivation comes and goes and sometimes we need a little extra jump start to help us smash goals and see results. It’s time to prioritise YOU. Dragons Breath Black by Red Dragon Nutritionals is here to be the fiery and fierce pre-workout you need to get your body moving.

  •  Support mental clarity and focus 
  •  Maintain energy levels and endurance 
  •  Motivate you to push yourself during your training session
  •  350mg of Caffeine Anhydrous, 1000mg of Betaine Anhydrous &  500mg of Nitrosigine® 

No Way Collagen Protein by ATP 

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ATP No Way Collagen Protein: ATP Science has scientifically formulated a protein powder that is high in protein, low in fat and carbohydrate. Give your body all the nutrients needed to achieve optimal health when you add this protein powder to your supplement stack. 

  • Support the increase of lean muscle mass
  • 15g of protein
  • 57 calories per serve
  • No dairy, gluten or GMO
  • Feed total body collagen requirements

Genetix Lean Dessert

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Lean Dessert by Genetix Nutrition:  Introducing the ultimate dessert that will impress your taste buds without spending a lifetime on the hips, Lean Dessert by Genetix Nutrition Chef Series. Crafted from a high-quality milk casein protein, Lean Dessert not only tastes insane but it will also leave you feeling pleasantly satisfied.

  • Treat yourself with a macro-friendly dessert or snack
  • Support your body composition goals
  • Support a healthy digestive tract
  • Boost your protein intake

Amino Charged WPI by International Protein

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International Protein Amino Charged WPI: This Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) product from International Protein is a super-charged protein supplement boasting an essential amino acid line-up to rival any other product and is vital for muscle recovery post-workout.

  • 35g of protein
  • Less than 1% fat and carbs
  • Rapidly absorbed protein
  • Includes BCAAs for post training muscle recovery

Shred System by Max's

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Max's Shred System: Get that lean muscular physique with Max’s Shred System. This complete protein provides the body with 22.6 grams of protein and low carbs and fat, helping you get shredded in no time! The 3-phase protein offers maximum recovery and fast-digesting protein for optimal results.

  • 75% protein per serve
  • Packed with metabolic enhancing extracts for fat loss
  • Amino acids for recovery
  • Potent carbohydrate blockers to banish unwanted fat stores

Burn Protein by Maxine's

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Maxine's Burn Protein: Since its introduction to the market, Maxine’s Burn protein has been an industry leading protein for women that has stood the test of time due to its quality. With vibrant packaging, vital nutrients and key extracts and amino acids to support a lean, toned physique, Maxine’s is the perfect protein for supporting women’s health.

  • 21g of protein
  • 96 cals
  • Support metabolic performance
  • Vitamin and mineral blend ensures nutrient delivery

Lean Whey by Genetix Nutrition

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Genetix Nutrition Lean Whey: Build quality muscle while keeping a lean and mean body! This advanced premium protein powder has everything you need to smash out your nutrition. Crafted with the finest whey protein from New Zealand, 100% Lean Whey is complete with 32grams of protein, low fat and carbohydrates.

  • High protein matrix of medium to fast digesting proteins
  • 32g of protein
  • 153 cals
  •  Loaded with muscle-saving BCAAs and EAAs

Freaked by Anabolix

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Anabolix Freaked: Perform to your best with Freak3d and take your training to a whole new level. This pre-workout has everything you need to get through the most challenging sessions. With carefully picked ingredients, you’ll support energy requirements and mental focus to achieve your PBS! 

  • Improved energy levels
  • Great muscle pump
  • Enhanced mental focus
  • Wide range of yummy flavours

Oxyshred by EHP Labs

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EHP Labs Oxyshred: Kickstart your fitness journey with Oxyshred. A thermogenic supplement designed to help your body process calories for the ultimate body composition goals. Delicious flavours and packed with scientifically proven ingredients to help you smash through the hardest workouts.

  • Support calorie processing
  • Reach your body composition goals
  • Enhance performance and crush your workouts
  • Support energy requirements

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