Isopept: The Post Workout Protein YOU Need

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Isopept: The Post Workout Protein YOU Need

Protein plays a crucial role in overall health and is required for the growth and maintenance of tissues. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of protein is 0.8g/kg/day. However, protein intake should be increased to at least 1.4–1.6 g/kg/day for optimal training adaptations. Post-training protein intake, in particular, has been demonstrated to play an essential role in optimizing physical performance. However, meeting your protein requirements from diet alone can often be challenging- that’s where a protein supplement can be very beneficial!

EHPlabs’ IsoPept contains 27g of the highest quality Whey Protein, and Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate per serve. It is rapidly absorbed and nutrient-rich to help fuel and replenish fatigued muscles, positively influencing the resistance and endurance recovery process. 

What is IsoPept?

IsoPept is a fast-absorbing post-workout protein powder composed of Hydrolyzed and Pure Whey Protein Isolate. These are the most premium and nutrient-rich sources of high-quality protein peptide fractions, providing fatigued muscles with a direct fuel source for optimal growth and repair. 

What are the benefits of Isopept?

Aside from containing the highest quality non-GMO whey protein, a range of vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes have been added into IsoPept for optimal health, digestion and recovery benefits:

  • Vitamin C and Zinc for the most optimal immunity defence. 
  • Full spectrum of B-vitamins to promote and support energy levels. 
  • Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium help relieve cramps and reduce muscle soreness. 
  • Ashwagandha and L-theanine help increase relaxation and reduce stress, which can benefit particularly after an intense training session.
  • To improve digestion and absorption, digestive enzymes (Prohydrolase) have been added to help deliver all the benefits of protein without the gas, bloating and discomfort some may experience. 

How does it work?

IsoPept is partially pre-digested, so it is rapidly absorbed by your body for maximum protein per serving, quicker recovery and maximal stimulus for muscle growth. IsoPept undergoes a thorough filtration and hydrolysis process, leaving almost zero lactose detectable, making it suitable for anyone who has a sensitive stomach and struggles to digest lactose. 

When should you take it?

Post-training protein intake has been demonstrated to play an essential role in optimizing physical performance and positively influencing the resistance and endurance recovery process. Therefore, for optimal muscle protein synthesis, it’s best to consume IsoPept straight after a workout. 

With 4 delicious flavours of IsoPept to choose from; strawberry milkshake, vanilla ice cream, peanut butter cups and chocolate decadence- you’ll be sure to find one you’ll love!


Isopept by EHP Labs

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