How To Find The Right Pre-Workout

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How To Find The Right Pre-Workout

You head in-store, and you’re greeted with a wall of pre-workouts, all competing for your attention and promising to take your training to the next level. There’s no respite by browsing online- you’ll find page after page of the best pre-workouts one can find. With so many options in-store and online, how do you find the perfect pre-workout for you?  

Though there's no one-size-fits-all, your perfect pre-workout will have the right amount of caffeine and stimulants that suits your goal and personal level of caffeine sensitivity, which varies between individuals. You'll see in this guide that there some common ingredients shared by different blends, and that's because they get results. Some products may be geared towards more of a muscle pump, and others can target next-level focus and energy instead. Pre-workouts generally contain low to no calories, so you can enjoy them whether you're looking to gain size or start shredding. You'll also find some options if you're wanting to take a vegan-friendly or more natural approach to your supplementation!

With a seemingly endless list of possible ingredients, different products offer certain effects that can make or break your gym session, depending on what your needs are. Are you guilty of buying random pre-workouts, jumping from one to another hoping that the next will be 'the one'? Don’t turn your pre-workout into a dating game. We bring you a quick guide to some of the best, so you can find your happily ever after. 


Just give me the top sellers!  

Freak3d by Anabolix

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Freak3d by Anabolix Nutrition 

A consistent top seller, find out why Aussie gym lovers keep coming back to get Freak3d! All the essentials packed into perfect doses means you get the most out of each scoop, so you see the results you’ve been dreaming about. 300mg of caffeine supported by Taurine and Theobromine gives you solid focus and drive, whilst potent doses of Beta-Alanine, Di-Creatine and Citrulline Malate are just some of the key ingredients helping you to shine at your best. Pumps, energy, focus and performance - Freak3d delivers it all. Don’t believe us? Head on over to our reviews and see what our customers have to say!  



A.B.E (All Black Everything) by Applied Nutrition

With undeniable popularity, A.B.E wins out for taste, looks and results. 200mg of Caffeine with Taurine and Theacrine gives you smooth energy and focus, that won’t keep you up all night. The Tri-Creatine Blend, Beta-Alanine and Citrulline Malate 2:1 gives you the pumps and performance you need, enhanced by the Vitamin B3 (Niacin) and Vitamin B12. Niacin may give a short-lived side effect of warmth, skin redness and/or an itching sensation. If you experience this temporary side effect, note that with regular use, the effects lessen. 

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A.B.E by Applied Nutrition

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I want ALL of the stims:  

BZRK Black by Black Magic

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BZRK Black by Black Magic

Self-professed stim lovers rejoice, the new psychoactive waves in BZRK Black by Black Magic will blow your mind and body to another galaxy! Enter the promise land of never-before-seen performance and gains – The question is, can you handle it? 

If you thought the original BZRK brought you off the wall energy – wait until you experience the new 675mg ‘Possessed Matrix’ of stimulants and focus enhancers, so you can break the limits of what you thought was possible in the gym! The ‘Supernatural Matrix’ sees a huge 10g of Citrulline Malate paired with Choline Bitartrate, L-Tyrosine and Arugula for the craziest pumps possible.

Get your fix of next-level insanity right here!

Looking for a mild buzz, but nothing too intense:  

C4 Original by Cellucor 

C4 stands the test of time for being a trusty performer! 150mg of Caffeine is smoothly paired with Theacrine and L-Tyrosine, so you feel a lasting energy buzz without the crash or jitters. An all-round formula, that has a steady reputation for being one of the best in the business. Could it be the one for you? Order today and see why athletes love this product!

C4 Original by Cellucor

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I want NO stims:  

NGorg3d by Anabolix

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NGorg3d by Anabolix

Are you sensitive to caffeine, going through periods of poor sleep or high stress, or just want to train after work? A non-stim pre-workout can be your best ally (pro tip: Head on over here to find the adrenal support formula to boost your results). Restore your energy, get your 8hrs sleep and crush your workout without caffeine!  

Increase blood flow with L-citrulline, Pomegranate and Beetroot extract, whilst you get a natural dose of focus with Green Tea extract, Huperzine A and Lion’s Mane Mushroom. Creatine Nitrate and Choline Bitartrate helps you gives you the energy and performance you need for those long training sessions!  

Are you ready to reclaim your natural energy? Get started today!

I want to minimise the tingle effect:  

Pre FX by Genetix Nutrition Active Series  

If you’re one of the people who just can’t handle the tingles, but still want a pre-workout over a thermogenic fat burner, then Pre FX by Genetix has you covered. The key lies in the Beta-O (Beta Alanine & Orotic Acid), which lessens the tingles but still gives you the benefits of this key ingredient. For a complete tingle-free formula, look for a blend that doesn’t contain Beta-Alanine. With a great blend of GlycerPump, Creatine, Choline, L-Tyrosine and natural stimulants at only $34.95 per tub, you couldn’t get better value for money – get yours today

Pre FX by Genetix Nutrition

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I want a natural/vegan formula:  

Power Switch by Switch Nutrition

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Power Switch by Switch Nutrition 

Don’t be fooled by an all-natural formula – this pre-workout lives up to its name! Kucha Tea Extract joins 325mg of natural Caffeine, L-Tyrosine and Citrus Aurantium for a potent blend of ‘Energy Focus Drive’ to help you max out at the gym. With the ‘Pump Strength Blend’ you’ll find not only the Citrulline Malate and Beta Alanine so loved in pre-workouts but the addition of vitamins and nutrients to enhance absorption and take your performance to the next level. 

Start your natural power journey right here!

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