How Maxine's helps you get results

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How Maxine's helps you get results

As a busy woman, registered nurse & women’s online health & fitness coach, my life can be crazy! The last thing I want with a busy lifestyle, is coming up short on my protein intake, and not maintaining consistency with my nutrition. Nutrition truly is the key to building the physique you want. It’s crucial for me to stay on top of pre planning my meals and pre planning my schedule in order to make the progress I want.

I like to have a few tricks up my sleeve, to make sure I have some protein snacks on hand, to grab on the go and that consists of Maxine’s Burn! Maxine’s products taste absolutely unreal, give me the best energy, assist with fat loss, help me to build muscle and get stronger. You cannot go wrong with Maxine’s! Ever since I started trying their products back in 2020, I have been hooked.

Take a look at My Top Product Picks:

Maxine's Burn Protein

With 19g of protein per serve, I LOVE salted caramel the most!

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Maxine's Burn Bar

Caramel crunch is the bomb and there's15g of protein per bar!

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Maxine's Melt - Non Stim

My fave flavour is the Kiwi Lime Crush. I love this non-caffeinated thermogenic!

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My favourite ways to have Maxine’s protein is by making protein ice-cream and protein smoothies. This is an easy way to get in some fruit, protein, and the best part is, you get to top it with whatever carbs and fats you like.

Maxine’s Burn Bars are perfect for a mid-shift snack or if I’m craving some chocolate, plus it’s the perfect size and tastes like a chocolate bar.

The new product MELT is brilliant. My training sessions have been that much more intense lately, and I am just loving the focus I get from this product. Think tunnel vision!

I cannot fault Maxine’s. They continue to impress me time and time again. To say I’m obsessed is an understatement. I just love that Maxine’s products help myself and my clients achieve our athletic and physique goals.