Best Vitamins to Take in Your 20's

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Best Vitamins to Take in Your 20's

Nobody really tells you what to do when you’re in your 20’s. All of a sudden, you’ve become an adult, you’re paying bills and now vitamins are a thing? If you start becoming proactive during your 20’s, you can prevent a plethora of potential health issues that can develop later in life. But what exactly should you be doing? Besides eating well, exercising and staying social, there’s one simple thing you can incorporate into your morning routine...vitamins!  
As more research shows the potential benefits of vitamins, they are becoming more and more common in people’s pantries. You might already be taking the occasional vitamin C when you’re sick or stuck with a deathly hangover, but what vitamins are actually going to benefit you in the long run? Let’s find out! 

B Vitamins 

During this phase of your life, you’re probably out and about, socialising and filling your time with friends, fun and (maybe) booze. Assuming you’re not spending your days lying around on the couch, your body is using up more energy than someone in their 60’s.

B vitamins are responsible for helping turn the food you eat into energy.

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Most B vitamins are considered essential as they cannot be produced by the body itself, which is why making sure your diet is well balanced is extremely important.  

However, healthy eating might not be your top priority at this point in your life. Taking B vitamin supplements can be greatly beneficial. Especially for those of you who are living a plant-based lifestyle or eating predominantly vegetarian, a vitamin B12 supplement could greatly impact your energy levels. Studies have shown that different types of birth control can decrease vitamin B levels, so this is also something to consider! Overall, B vitamins play a big part in your general health and wellbeing and can be a great place to start for people in their 20’s looking to safeguard their health. 


magnesium foods

Our bodies would not be able to function without this mineral. Like the B vitamins, your body cannot produce magnesium, so you must consume it externally. It is responsible for hundreds of metabolic processes and helps produce energy throughout the body.

The recommended daily intake for males in their 20’s is 400mg and 320mg for females.

If we’re being realistic, you’re probably not hitting the target amount through your diet alone. We’re all human and we don’t consciously think about how much magnesium is in that delicious chicken burger.  

Magnesium is said to help with muscle cramps, reducing insulin resistance, boost exercise performance and can even help fight depression. If you’re unsure why you’re experiencing strange symptoms like mood swings, fatigue and high blood pressure, it’s important to rule out a magnesium deficiency. Left untreated, this can cause serious long-term health issues. 

Folic Acid 

This one is for the ladies! Folic acid is the man-made version of folate. Folate is amongst the B vitamins and can be found in a variety of plant and animal foods. Its purpose lies deep within the system, all the way to our DNA strands.

It is needed to produce healthy red blood cells and is extremely critical during phases of growth such as pregnancy and foetal development.

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Contrary to what we’re taught when we are younger, getting pregnant is actually quite the process. Even when you’re most fertile, your body has to cultivate the appropriate environment to host another human being.  

If you’re someone with ovaries and you’re looking to nourish the growth and development of your future baby, folic acid can be a great addition to your regime.  Studies have shown that it helps to reduce the risk of birth defects and helps support the development of the brain, spinal cord and skull when your baby is forming in the womb.  


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If you’re unsure of where to start, an all-encompassing multivitamin will do the trick! These typically include an array of essential vitamins that help decrease the risk of sickness, prevent deficiencies and support your overall health and wellbeing.

Brands such as Whole Earth and Sea have created multivitamins for both men and women.

These multivitamins help support mental function, support bone health, reduce free radicals in the body and encourage a healthy immune system. By incorporating a multivitamin into your daily routine, you’re supporting your body in more ways than one. It’s difficult to imagine yourself getting old, but when you do, you’ll be thanking yourself for taking such good care of your body during your 20’s.  

It is never too early to start supporting your inner health and wellbeing. You might think you don’t have to worry about your inner health yet, but don’t be fooled! Everything you do to your body now will eventually catch up to you (good or bad). Whether you decide to take magnesium, folic acid or another vitamin that best suits your lifestyle, you’re one step closer to a healthy and happy you. 

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